Dr Marc Blatstein, 22 years in private practice his interests emphasized the management of the more common forefoot and rearfoot pathology, diabetes and general patient care ranging from pediatrics to seniors. Marc Blatstein, Dr Marc Blatstein

Dr Marc Blatstein's Bio:

Throughout; Dr Marc Blatstein, Marc Blatstein, years as a single practitioner, he has enjoyed clinical practice while developing the attributes of a team player with skills in administration, management, finance, medical facility construction and quality assurance. Marc Blatstein has also developed a medically oriented shoe store, wound care and physical therapy service. His experience in medicine fostered his abilities to develop that critically needed rapport expected with my fellow colleagues to provide patient care through a multi-disciplinary approach., Dr Marc Blatstein, Marc Blatstein.

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 Dr. Marc Blatstein recently launched a new informative site at http://www.drmarcblatstein.

 Dr Blatstein finds a woman taking safe pedicures seriously:

Meet The Woman Who Wants To Make MiniLuxe The "Starbucks Of Nail Salons"

5 Dangers Awaiting You At The Nail Salon


 Pedicure Infections;   

Several years ago Paula Abdul http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500168_162-636817.html wound up getting an infection. She is not alone as news articles today are filled with examples. Autoclaves (machines that have FDA clearance for sterilization purposes) are now available for salon (and tattoo) use to help mitigate Dangerous infections like HIV/AIDS or MRSA the “flesh-eating” disease   . These are the same as have been used by hospitals and the greater medical community. While they have in the past been very expensive, Autoclaves recently have become available at more affordable prices. One example is the FDA approved sterilizer, the Saniclave 200, have recently was introduced. Read ore:  http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1158528#ixzz2QqvtWozJ


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Dr Marc Blatstein's Experience:

  • Dr Marc Blatstein at Marc J Blatstein

    Dr Marc Blatstein, Marc Blatstein, Marc Blatstein DPM 1985 - Present Private Practice Office and Hospital based Podiatric Medicine & Surgery 1987 – 1996 Catalogue Development; Creative Footwork’s Medical Supportive & Business development products Marc Blatstein, Dr Marc Blatstein, Marc Blatstein Podiatrist, Marc Blatstein DPM, Dr.Marc Blatstein Podiatrist, Dr. Marc Blatstein DPM

Dr Marc Blatstein's Education:

  • Lawndale Community Hospital

    DPM- Surgical Residency
    Concentration: Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • Ohio College of Podiatric Mrdicine

    Concentration: Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
    Activities: Started the 'Pink Panthers Bartedners', with several of my classmates; I provided bartenders (my fellow Podiatric Medical Students) to various functions in and around Cleveland Ohio.
  • George Washington University

    Concentration: Psychology

Dr Marc Blatstein's Interests & Activities:

Dr Marc Blatstein, enjoys boating both power & sail & most music. I also enjoy doing volunteer work at local clinics.