Dr Marc Blatstein, 22 years in private practice his interests emphasized the management of the more common forefoot and rearfoot pathology, diabetes and general patient care ranging from pediatrics to seniors. Marc Blatstein, Dr Marc Blatstein, Marc Blatstein Podiatrist, Marc Blatstein DPM, Dr.Marc Blatstein Podiatrist, Dr. Marc Blatstein DPM

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Marc Blatstein, Dr Marc J Blatstein Using The Circulator Boot™ circulatory boot picas a Method of Treatment that supports the core elements of wound therapy: increased blood supply, bacterial control, moisture and debridement. Along with other modes of treatment, surgical debridement of infected wounds, the use of antibiotic medications, along with home care, boot therapy may improve the blood supply and control the infection in necrotizing cellulitis when standard methods of treatment are failing.                                                                               

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peripheral neuropathyMarc Blatstein comments that Peripheral Neuropathy is a nerve condition that may affect the arms, hands, legs, and feet. The most common form of peripheral Neuropathy is due to diabetes. Mostly it affects your arms & hands, Legs & feet.

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Dr Marc Blatstein, enjoys boating both power & sail & most music. I also enjoy doing volunteer work at local clinics.